Where to Next? Travel Notebook

This winter break, I needed a new travel notebook. So I decided to design my own. I love to plan out things (especially travel related stuff) in a dedicated notebook- so that I… Continue reading

Ad Series: Ecloth

This past few weeks, my project was to do an ad series for a fake brand. So I picked Ecloth, a clothing company that specializes in X-Statistic fabric that cleans by friction. Ideally,… Continue reading

Gun Control Poster

This week, my project is to design a gun control poster targeted to parents. This poster will encourage parents (and kids) to trade in their toy guns for a teddy bear. The purpose… Continue reading

Birthday Card for Mom

This week is my mom’s birthday, so I decided to make her a birthday card. I want to use pastel colors (pink, baby blue, and yellow) because it’s very soft and neutral yet… Continue reading

Band Poster Design

For the past months, I was doing my summer internship at an advertising agency. During that time, I was working for a band poster design for them. The band name is: The Accidentals They… Continue reading

App Design

This week, I did an app design of an imaginary app. This is a social app for cat lovers. Cat lovers can share their cute pics as well as get tips on how… Continue reading

Smoking PSA

This week I want to make a PSA about Smoking and increase the awareness that it can lead to Lung Cancer. I hate people who smoke in front of me and it’s bad… Continue reading

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