Day 1: Hello, My Name Is

Today is the First Day of my 80 Day Design Challenge

From the book called: Creative Workshop: 80 challenges to sharpen your design skills by David Sherwin


Day 1: Hello, My Name Is

Duration: 30mins

Challenge: Design a logo for yourself that is clearly informed by your off the cuff responses. 

What are my strengths as a designer?

-willing to learn new things  -pays attention to details  -curious to try

My weaknesses as a designer?

-easily give up -lazy -not familiar with CSS/website coding

What’s my favorite color(s)?

-sky blue -all shades of green

What designers do I love?

Bonnie Christine

What design work do I enjoy?

-typography -pattern -logo/icon -photography

Type Face I used: Nueva Std

In this design, I used my initials (XL) as my logo. My inspiration came from LV Louis Vuitton, a famous designer shoes and bags. They’re brand is considered luxurious and targeted for high-class customers. Then I thought of gold-the luxury color. The final logo for this exercise is on the right. The top left corner with the Chinese character is my original logo. That character represent my surname; and the X is the first letter of my first name. I used the Nueva Std font, because it resembles the LV logo. I made a all black version in the middle on top. It’s kind of classic, which I like. Then I added the gold letters of my last name: Liang to it.

Day1 Challenge

Then I take my design (on the right) and make it into a business card. Here is the outcome. I extended the leg of L in order to put my text fit into the empty space. It looks more unity. Also I add a gold gradient to it, so it matches the gold letters. This is my finish product!