Day 2: Easy as ABC

A few days prior to my Spring Break begins, I have some free time (although I should be doing my homework, but because of procrastination, I am doing this instead) so after I cleaned up my desktop. I realized that I have a lot of junk and other miscellaneous items laying around on my table, then I thought of this project. This project is to create my own alphabet. So why not use the junk to create something unique.




On the right side is my design. All of the objects I used are found around my house. I have fun creating the alphabet. Each item in the picture represents things I have on my desk and are part of my commonly usage essentials. I can’t believe I can turn those items into letters. I am really impressed with the results. Because I took all the pictures at night under my yellow lamps, the pictures came out a bit yellowish and has a light spot. I am confident that I can do better under natural light, but I don’t want to wait until the next day because I will procrastinate again.