Day 3: Time Machine

Challeng3I finally got the time to sit down and do this challenge today. This challenge asks me to find a print ad from the 1980s and recreate it to make it fit into present day ad. So I was googling and found an interesting ad from Coppertone, a sunscreen company from America that was founded in 1944. Then I search why people go tan. The following are the reasons I found for tanning:

-Tan represents a social status = rich people

-Having a tan skin means that you have the “luxury” to go outside all day to change the color of your skin

-Today, it’s the social norm that people feel insecure about the color of their skin and that tan color is the “standard” of beauty

Below is the advertisement from 1980 that I found on Google (on the left) and my re-creation of the ad to fit into the modern day (on the right). I used California beach as a background because they are the perfect place for young women to get tanned. It’s like a paradise and perfect for the vacation for “luxury women” I also put a slogan “Perfect Tan for a skinny body: Coppertone does the work for you” This slogan is targeted to women that have a skinny body and wants easy and beautiful tan while relaxing and enjoying their vacation.