For this project, I compared Apple’s latest iPhone 6S Plus to the latest Android phone the Nexus 6P. I was trying to figure out which phone is better so I did this infographic where I compare both phone’s battery life, display, camera, and operating systems,etc. Both has their pros and cons. Although I am using an iPhone, but I thinking about a potential switch to an android phone in the future years.

The Infographic is HERE: Iphone vs Nexus

I like the simplicity and the user interface of an iPhone, but I hate the lack of accessories and connectivity of an iPhone. For example, when I was traveling, I wanted to transfer pictures from my SD card to my phone, but I need to buy a $29USD Camera Adapter.  That’s ridiculously expensive. A micro-USB Camera reader sells for as cheap as $5USD on eBay and it works for my brother’s phone. (He uses an Android)

Also, another complaint about iPhone is that their storage cannot be expanded unlike Android phones, where they have a slot for micro-SD card.

If I were to switch to Android phone, I will either get Google’s Nexus 6P or the latest HTC phone. But my contract with my current iPhone hasn’t ended until October 2016. I am still undecided yet because I bought my iPhone last year and I do want to use at least two years before switching to another device.

Iphone vs Nexus