School Project: Silhouette

Two weeks into school and our first project is to create silhouettes. For my 2D/Color class, we had to create a silhouette related to nature. So I chose a butterfly, because of the beautiful symmetric patterns.


In my second try, we used a bigger piece of paper 14in by 18in. This time, I choose a turtle, because I like the pattern on the turtle’s shell. I added some water waves and a clam to it, so the turtles don’t feel lonely. turtles

As for my computer design class, we need to create 10 silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator. My theme for this is “How I see the world” First I like to integrate the city landscape and the outdoor forest together. I like outdoor activities, so I included biking, road trip on an RV and riding on a hot air balloon. My love for the outdoor will be affected as the world urbanized more places leaving less room for nature and eventually lead to deforestation. That’s why I included some tear drops.(Don’t get me wrong; I like the city too) I lived in the city and I like it. But I think that we do better in protecting our planet.