A New Look into Arts #MFA

This week, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) to look at different kinds of arts. MFA is like a maze; the further I look the more I see arts everywhere. It’s like ever ending and I can spend a whole day there. Unfortunately, I only got to spend a few hours. But I did see some interesting art pieces.



Terry Winters Artworks show the use of positive and negative space. 

I also walked around the museum and found those African sculpture. Some of their statues were dated back to  100 A.D. It was in the ancient times where civilization was just the beginning. It was fascinating!



Not only paintings use positive and negative space. African sculptures also utilize the negative and positive space into their display. Some of my favorite artworks are here:



I like the details and the abstract feeling of that art. I especially like the middle one, because of the positive and negative space of the face. As I looked closer, there are more faces reveals. It was amazing!