Pantone?? What’s that?

When two weeks into my work study job, it was my first time hearing the word: Pantone. I have no idea until my supervisor told me that it was a color  palette used by professional graphic designers or in the graphics field. Pantone palette is categorized by a number and it’s used when designers want a specific color to be printed exactly the same when sent to an offset printing press. Pantone colors come with 2 sets of a booklet; one is printed in coated/glossy paper and one is uncoated paper. But both sets contains the same colors, so people can compare the colors between uncoated vs coated paper.

I also learned that the more Pantone colors you have in the print, the more expensive it will be. Also, the type of paper can affect the price. Matte paper will be more expensive. Using Pantone colors are very common in the design industry because of it’s a color standard for printing.


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