School Project: Package Redesign

In this project, I decided to redesign milk carton, because most of the milk carton I saw/drank in high school were very boring and ugly. First I did some research about different brands of milk. Some of the milk cartons are not very pleasing. For example, Hood and Oakhurst, their package design lacks color and graphics.

For this project, I choose Organic Valley, because they have a very interesting story. Their dairy products are 100% organic and made without the use of toxic pesticides, synthorganic-valley-milketic hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. Not only that, the cooperation is composed of small family farmers living Wisconsin on a mission to ” change the way people think about food. We set high organic standards for ourselves—standards that eventually served as the framework for the USDA’s organic rules.” They use sustainable methods to grow their crops and raise their cows. 

In this project, I made a little twist to my project: it’s a milkshake in a carton. I choose this because it aimed toward kids. But the main buyer will the healthy moms who want their kids to eat healthily and get the right proteins.

I also added that “For every carton of milkshake sold in 2016, Organic Valley will donate a carton of milkshake to someone in need” I think this will help promote a better healthy lifestyle for underdeveloped countries. Also, this will benefit Organic Valley as a way to promote this new product.