Secondary Colors

This week, we are looking at secondary colors: Orange, Green, and Purple. I used those colors to create squares and triangles in an 8in by 8in hot-press illustration board. At first, we used color aid papers to create our mock-ups. Then for the final paper, we used paint in our illustration board.

The Difficulties: 

-Acrylics paints dry darker, so it was hard to control how bright the color is

-We need to make straight edges, so using tape is a mess

-Sometimes one layer of paint is not enough because the background is still visible

-It was hard to make shades, tones, and tin of the secondary colors (without them looking alike)

The Good: 

-At least, I am proud of the composition of the squares and triangles.

-It makes your eyes move in a circular direction

-Some of the colors came out pretty good like the green