Cyber Security Newsletter

After my interactive PDF on Cyber Security, my next assignment is to turn it into a newsletter. I picked an online popular blog (Lifehack) as the company. Lifehack blogs about tips and tricks on various topics such as lifestyles, money, tech, productivity, etc. So I thought they might as well feature a section on cyber security.


The purpose of this newsletter is to educate young people on how to protect their identity while they are online. It has articles on the latest hacking news, tips and tricks on how to avoid being hacked. Lastly, the newsletter provides a way to stay connected (via a future conference and has social media links to stay updated)


The color scheme for this newsletter is blue because cyber security is a serious issue. Blue seems like a serious and confident color.(Also Lifehack logo is also blue)  I used big long headers because I want to make the title of the article to stand out. I used a light blue column in some pages to give extra info. This gives the page some variation. In some pages, I used a full spread because I want to use the picture to aid the message. Also, I added a banner on top and bottom of each page, because I want to have the color scheme (blue) run through all the pages. In the last page, I include a space for the address. In the bottom, I included a future cyber security conference, because I think it will attract readers and people might be wondering what it is.



Adobe Indesign