Logo Design: Airline

Boston Rocks Airline is a regional/local airline based in Boston, MA. This is a fairly new airline; founded in 2015. Their mission is to make short-distance travel affordable and comfortable. They value customers over profit. Since it is headquartered in Boston, it has regional routes to nearby cities like New York City, Providence, New Bedford, etc.

The Logo


The color of the logo is blue. Blue represents trust, cleanliness, and loyalty. Boston Rocks (BR) Airline wants the customer to feel trust, safe and secure about our company.  The symbol (brandmark) of the logo is composed of the Appalachian Mountain (located in New England) and the wings of an airplane trying to take off. For the wordmark, I used the logo as part of the letter O in the Boston Rocks. This will make customers remember the brand.


**This airline is made-up. It does not exist**