Smoking PSA

This week I want to make a PSA about Smoking and increase the awareness that it can lead to Lung Cancer. I hate people who smoke in front of me and it’s bad… Continue reading

T-Shirt Mockup

This week, I want to explore something new. I watched a few videos about how to make t-shirt mockups. I want to be able to design my t-shirt graphics. So I made a… Continue reading


This week I am inspired by Ninja. So I did a ninja themed wallpaper for my phone (the one below it)

Notebook Design: Travel Theme

This week, I designed notebook covers because I love looking at cool notebook covers. It motivates me to write in it.     The above design shows the waves of the ocean. It… Continue reading

Travel Icons

I can’t wait for summer so I can get out and explore the world! This week I decided to make a few travel icons. I always wanted to make series of icons related… Continue reading

Infographic: Coffee vs. Tea

This week, I compared the benefits of drinking coffee vs. tea. There are much more benefits to both sides but I just picked the top 5 most important ones.

Infographic: Boston Weather

If you live on the east coast, you know the weather is very unpredictable. Today, I will share some facts about Boston weather.

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