Smartphone Wallpapers

Using Mixed, Warm and Cool colors (left to right)

Pet-Friendly Ad for Airline

In the last post, I mentioned that Boston Rocks Airline will have a pet-friendly program that allows passengers to travel with their favorite pet – Free of charge* This is due to “Pet… Continue reading

Airline Infographic

This week, continuing from the last post, I made an infographic of why people should choose Boston Rocks Airline. Concept I put all the information on a blue curvy line that represents the road.… Continue reading

Music Lyrics Book

My last project from school was to create a Music Lyrics Book. Instead of doing 3 songs from the same singer, I choose 3 different songs from 3 different singers. I did this… Continue reading

Say “No” to Circus

In this project, we had to create one artwork (with one meaning)  from 2 separate pictures   Below is the one when a cracked floor in a state of California. This represents global… Continue reading

Cyber Security Newsletter

After my interactive PDF on Cyber Security, my next assignment is to turn it into a newsletter. I picked an online popular blog (Lifehack) as the company. Lifehack blogs about tips and tricks… Continue reading

Magazine Collage Part 2

After I finish my first magazine collage, I had to create two pieces of art out of it. This time I used warm colors: red, red-orange, orange. I want to keep the funny theme… Continue reading

Magazine Collage

In this assignment, I need to make 6 magazine collages with 6 color themes: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple.In addition to the 6 color theme, I was also searching for an… Continue reading

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