Smartphone Wallpapers

Using Mixed, Warm and Cool colors (left to right)

Pet-Friendly Ad for Airline

In the last post, I mentioned that Boston Rocks Airline will have a pet-friendly program that allows passengers to travel with their favorite pet – Free of charge* This is due to “Pet… Continue reading

Airline Infographic

This week, continuing from the last post, I made an infographic of why people should choose Boston Rocks Airline. Concept I put all the information on a blue curvy line that represents the road.… Continue reading

Music Lyrics Book

My last project from school was to create a Music Lyrics Book. Instead of doing 3 songs from the same singer, I choose 3 different songs from 3 different singers. I did this… Continue reading

Say “No” to Circus

In this project, we had to create one artwork (with one meaning)  from 2 separate pictures   Below is the one when a cracked floor in a state of California. This represents global… Continue reading

Cyber Security Newsletter

After my interactive PDF on Cyber Security, my next assignment is to turn it into a newsletter. I picked an online popular blog (Lifehack) as the company. Lifehack blogs about tips and tricks… Continue reading

Magazine Collage Part 2

After I finish my first magazine collage, I had to create two pieces of art out of it. This time I used warm colors: red, red-orange, orange. I want to keep the funny theme… Continue reading

Magazine Collage

In this assignment, I need to make 6 magazine collages with 6 color themes: red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple.In addition to the 6 color theme, I was also searching for an… Continue reading

Interactive PDF on Cyber Security

For this project, I choose cyber security as my topic for the interactive PDF. As technology advances each year, cyber security faces new threats as to how to combat advanced hacking techniques. As… Continue reading

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