Art Windmill Design

This week, I made a windmill using the gray scale colors. I learned that bright colors will pop out more when put in a dark background. And vice versa. The value of the… Continue reading

A Month into my new Work-Study

I have been working at my new work study for more than a month now. I am working there as a Graphic Design Assistant. My work consists of editing/renewing pieces to bring it… Continue reading

Funny Faces

In my computer class, we learned how to use photoshop. So we made a picture of multiple personalities (of ourself). The second assignment is to make a front face and a side face… Continue reading

Secondary Colors

This week, we are looking at secondary colors: Orange, Green, and Purple. I used those colors to create squares and triangles in an 8in by 8in hot-press illustration board. At first, we used… Continue reading

School Project: Package Redesign

In this project, I decided to redesign milk carton, because most of the milk carton I saw/drank in high school were very boring and ugly. First I did some research about different brands… Continue reading

Pantone?? What’s that?

When two weeks into my work study job, it was my first time hearing the word: Pantone. I have no idea until my supervisor told me that it was a color  palette used… Continue reading

A New Look into Arts #MFA

This week, we went to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) to look at different kinds of arts. MFA is like a maze; the further I look the more I see arts everywhere.… Continue reading

School Project: Silhouette

Two weeks into school and our first project is to create silhouettes. For my 2D/Color class, we had to create a silhouette related to nature. So I chose a butterfly, because of the beautiful symmetric… Continue reading


This week, I spent two days designing my own avatar. This is kinda hard and frustrating because I am having trouble with shading and shadows. I don’t know how to add in different… Continue reading

Design Adidas

Recently I watched a Youtube video of Christopher Chann, where he mentioned about an Adidas shoe design contest. I was really interested in it because it will be a great way for me… Continue reading

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