This week, I spent two days designing my own avatar. This is kinda hard and frustrating because I am having trouble with shading and shadows. I don’t know how to add in different… Continue reading

Design Adidas

Recently I watched a Youtube video of Christopher Chann, where he mentioned about an Adidas shoe design contest. I was really interested in it because it will be a great way for me… Continue reading

Skyline of Boston in Pixels

Boston is a beautiful city in Massachusetts. I live near South End, so everytime I look outside my apartment window, I can see the John Hancock Tower and other famous tall buildings in… Continue reading


For this project, I compared Apple’s latest iPhone 6S Plus to the latest Android phone the Nexus 6P. I was trying to figure out which phone is better so I did this infographic where… Continue reading

Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

As I was watching Season 5 of the Walking Dead, it inspired me to do this art piece. This is supposed to be a shield with a skull design and some spiky weapons… Continue reading

Day 3: Time Machine

I finally got the time to sit down and do this challenge today. This challenge asks me to find a print ad from the 1980s and recreate it to make it fit into… Continue reading

Day 2: Easy as ABC

A few days prior to my Spring Break begins, I have some free time (although I should be doing my homework, but because of procrastination, I am doing this instead) so after I cleaned… Continue reading

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